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FICS Chiropractors to PanAm Games in Mexico

18 Nov 2011


-If you are a European chiropractor with an interest in sports chiropractic, I encourage you to become active in FICS and a sports chiropractic national organization or council in your country. If one exists already, join it; if not, help form such a group. This is what several of us have done in Germany in recent years, and it has proved most successful, says Alex Steinbrenner who is the 1st Vice President of the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS).


Three Europeans, Carlo Vinci (Italy), Henrik Hoejgaard (Sweden) and Dr. Sara Brookes (UK), have just returned from the XVI Pan American Games, held in Guadalajara, Mexico. A team of 38 chiropractors was available to all athletes as part of the host medical services. These chiropractic services were very widely used by athletes and were judged a complete success by them, coaches and medical leaders, says Alex.
To quote a US member of the team, Dr. Tony DeLuca: “I just got back from participating in the Pan Am Games in Guadalajara. I felt so proud and honored to be a part of such an historic time for chiropractic. We would work 12 hour days and then take turns seeing patients at the polyclinic sometimes until the later hours of the night. I gained so much experience between working at the polyclinic and the venues that everyday felt like a "hands on" seminar for me. I have been in practice for almost 25 years and this was easily one of the most gratifying experiences of my career. “
-During the past year FICS has had sports chiropractic teams at events ranging from world indoor and outdoor tug-of-war events in Italy and South Africa to world dance sport competitions in Singapore. These Pan American Games have confirmed that there truly is a new era for sports chiropractic where it is a respected as an integral part of the core services at major Games. Come and be part of it; says Alex Steinbrenner.
To learn more about FICS and its postgraduate ICSSD program, visit www.fics-sport.org. If you have questions about how to become a sports chiropractor, you can contact Alex Steinbrenner at info@chiropraktik-wolfsburg.de.



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